AI Intelligent Voice Input Translator for Computer AI Voice Input Voice Translation Voice Search Smart Tool Automatically Open Google Chrome Browser Intelligent Voice Search on Computer (Silvery)

Price: $19.99
(as of Sep 21,2021 08:03:07 UTC – Details)

Instructions for use

1.Driver Installation
1)Download and install the driver.
In the computer browser, enter the driver download URL listed in the product manual and directly download the driver of the AI intelligent voice input translator. Then, install the driver software on computer.
2)After seeing the icon of “HiVoice” on computer, open it, its icon will appear at the bottom right of computer screen.
Then, click the right mouse button on its icon, open the setting menu.

2.Software Setting
The floating window of setting will appear. You can change the system language of the software, choose the input and output language and set the key config.

Voice input / translation
1) Please set the input voice and its output text in advance;
2) By default, the device will use the “wheel button” in the middle of mouse or the “home button” of keyboard as the voice input/translation button.
3) Move the cursor to the place where you want to enter/translate text, press and hold the input/translation button, say the words you want to input/translate, then release the button, what you said will be converted into text.
Note: When inputting/translating, the language of speech must match the language type set in the input language.

Voice search
1) This device defines the five-button mouse “forward key” or the keyboard’s “End” key as voice search key.
2) Press and hold the search button, say the keyword you want to search on Internet, then release the search button, the software system will automatically open browser and search engine, searching for relevant content.
Note: *When the language is set to English, the default search engine is Google.

When the voice input translator works, the computer needs network support.

Packing list:
1*AI intelligent voice input translator
1*USB cable
1* manual

AI smart voice input. After downloading and installing the driver according to the instruction manual, just plug this AI smart voice input translator into the computer and you can control it through the mouse wheel. You can input text on the computer by speaking, accuracy is as high as 95%, efficiently eliminate the trouble of typing on the keyboard by hands and speed up the text input.
AI intelligent speech translation. AI intelligent speech translation. Intelligently recognize the three languages of English, Chinese and Cantonese. It can translate these three languages into 27 languages including English, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, etc., in real time after you speak the language and release the mouse wheel, it will show the words on computer, super easy for translation or real time transnational communication.
AI smart voice search. When the input language is set to English, by default user can press and hold the “End” button on the computer keyboard and speak, then release the “End” button, can search for content on Google through the voice search function. You can easily search for content you want to search online by using voice search.
USB expansion port supports extended connection to device with USB interface. And this AI intelligent voice input translator comes with a 3.3 feet long USB cable, it is very convenient to connect USB devices such as USB flash drives, card readers, and portable hard disks with desktop computers with this intelligent voice input translator and the expansion USB cable.
Metal case, small size, just like an U disk. Built-in high-sensitivity microphone with a voice recognition range of about 1 meter(3.3 feet). You can put it on the desktop in a quiet environment and speak for smart voice input, translation or search on computer.

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