Boss Audio Systems Bx45 2 3 Way Pre-amp Car Electronic Crossover – Variable High Pass Filter 40 Hz – 8 Khz Selectable Crossover Slopes, Selectable Phase Maximum Input Voltage 4.5 Volts, SILVER AND BLACK

Price: $67.00 - $52.99
(as of Jul 24,2021 14:04:04 UTC – Details)

VARIABLE BASS BOOST 0 – 12 DB: By connecting the BX45 to your amplifier, you will have total control of exactly how you want your bass to sound, as well as your mid-level and high-level frequencies, giving you the pristine listening experience
PARALLEL INPUT: If you set the subwoofer input mode selector switch to the ON position, front stereo input will be delivered to the crossover. You can create a very sophisticated 3-way audio system with only a pair of stereo input from your head unit
VARIABLE CROSSOVER: Variable Subwoofer Filter 32 Hz – 250 Hz, Variable High Pass Filter 40 Hz – 8 kHz. Has been designed and built to deliver excellent sound quality and long lasting high performance. Gives massive improvements to clarity/ distortion
DESIGNED TO IMPRESS: A thoughtful layout and clean design that gives you the user experience you’ve been wanting. Provides the perfect frequency distribution throughout your system to ensure the clarity and peak efficiency for your music arrangement
Media Type: Cd+Rw

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