Brilliant Smart Dimmer Switch (White) — Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Hue, LIFX, SmartThings, TP-Link, Wemo and More

Price: $69.97
(as of Jul 24,2021 18:23:01 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Voice Control

Use Alexa or Google Assistant-enabled devices and speakers to control your lights hands-free with voice commands.

Motion Detection

Program the built-in motion sensor to automatically turn lights on/off when someone enters or leaves a room.

App Control

Use the Brilliant app for iOS and Android to control your lights from anywhere.

Automate your lighting with custom Scenes

Create the perfect ambiance for every occasion with a single tap or voice command. Set the brightness and color of different lights for dining, watching TV, partying, bedtime, and more.

Make smart bulbs even smarter

Bring traditional in-wall control to Philips Hue, LIFX, TP-Link Kasa, and other smart bulbs. You no longer need to avoid using your light switches to remotely control your lights.

Set timers and schedules To Improve Security

No one ever needs to know that you’re not at home. Automatically turn lights on/off based on timers and schedules. And never leave the lights on all night by accident.

EXPANDS YOUR BRILLIANT SMART HOME SYSTEM: Brilliant Smart Dimmer Switches give you the ability to add smart lighting to your Brilliant System (also controls smart bulbs, fans, Sonos sound system volume, and more). At least one Brilliant Control panel must be installed for Brilliant Smart Dimmer Switches to work.
UPGRADE YOUR LIGHTS WITH VOICE AND APP CONTROL: Turn regular lights into smart lights. Enjoy hands-free control using your voice (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit). Control your lights from anywhere with the Brilliant app.
MAKE SMART BULBS EVEN SMARTER: Eliminate the hassle of needing to keep light switches turned on all the time to use your smart bulbs (Philips Hue, LIFX, Kasa Smart, TP-Link, and more). Brilliant lets you simultaneously control your switches and smart bulbs with scenes, schedules, or the Brilliant app.
MOTION DETECTION, TIMERS & SCENE CONTROL: Automatically turn lights on and off when you enter and leave a room. Set timers to wake you up or turn lights on/off while you’re away. Use Brilliant scenes to combine multiple lights, music, climate, and more into single actions—double tap anywhere on the switch to activate a dedicated scene.
EASY GUIDED INSTALLATION: Receive step-by-step instructions using the Brilliant app. Replace one or more switches in a light switch panel (neutral and ground wires required). Supports up to 500W incandescent and halogen, up to 200W LED and CFL, dimmable, single-pole, 3-way, and multiway lighting (all switches in a 3-way or multiway circuit must be Brilliant Switches or Control Panels). Magnetic low voltage (MLV) lighting not supported. Decora wall plate not included.

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