Cleaning Gel for Car Detailing Putty Keyboard Cleaner 2020 Upgraded New Car Slime Cleaner Auto Interior Dust Cleaner for Car Vents Cleaning Supplies Home Electronics Cleaner Remover Dust

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2020 Upgraded New Car Slime Cleaner/ LaptopKeyboard Cleaner

Customer Feedback

“Why I didn’t even know about this universal cleaning gel. This was a purchase after I saw someone cleaning their
car with this car detailing tools.The first time I used it I picked everything up. And I mean, every single piece of dust.
I will never use a paper towel or microfiber cloth ever again as they leave dust particles.”—- Jamie whitwood

Fun and it works! I bought this on a whim and don’t regret it fora second! It is magic on keyboards and weirdly
shaped car crevices and cup holders. It smells amazing and leaves everything crumb and dust free!

If you have a keyboard, you need this Love this! I had no idea how much tiny stuff was in my keyboard that I use
every day until I used this. It cleans without making amess and does a great job with just one use.I didn’t have to go
back and forthover the same area multiple times – once was all it took!—- KristenMackey

1.Taking out with dry hands,knead detailingcleaning gel a few times.
2.Press slightly onto the surface you need andthen pull cleaning putty up slowly, the dust woould be carried away.
3.After use, put it back in the jar and store it in a cool and dry place.
4. Roll the cleaning gel to stick and remove thegel residues if any.

Customer Service:
We stand by the quality of our keyboard slimecleaning kit, If you are not 100% satisfiedwith our cleaning mud,
please feel free to contact us,we will fix yourproblems within 24 hours.

Keep the car cleaner slime away from direct sunlight and the place withtemperature over 40℃ and humid environment.
Don’t use car cleaning gum with wet hands,Do not rinse in water and wash cleaning goo with water.
Inedible keyboard cleaner putty, keep the vent putty away from children, Don’t eat it.

【Universal Cleaning Gel】We are always looking for better practical tool for cleaning, 2020 brand new slime cleaner upgraded by new ingredient composition to provide more effective cleaning(car cleaner/household cleaning/laptop keyboard cleaner/computer cleaner)to the area where traditional towel or wipes cannot reach, universal cleaning gel putty seems to offer a better way of removing the dust, debris, crumb from air vent, fans, decoration craft without residue left.
【Cleaning Gel for Car Detailing】 Perfect to clean your car filled with crumbs, dog hair, car cleaning gel is sticky enough to gather all of the dust and ashes. Car slime cleaner putty can also fit into small crevices and nook for everything picking up from dashboard, gear console cup holders auto interior etc. where car vacuum or wipes can’t reach. The reusable cleaning blob can make your leather seats as clean as you expected.
【Laptop Keyboard Cleaning gel putty】Laptop keyboard cleaner to remove visible debris, dust, crumbs, hair and small particles that got stuck, perfect to clean mechanical keyboard, laptop keyboard area and silicone electronic mat by picking up the lint and dust bits on the keyboard or in the cracks between the keys. Spread across the keyboard and get the dust and food particles off quite easily.
【Multiple Uses and Reusable】magic dust cleaning mud is also useful for home and office, computer keyboard and other rugged surface cleaning such as printer, cell phone, calculator, TV remote and furniture. The suitable surface must be water resistant, or the cleaning slime glue would stick to it.Car goop cleaner is quite suitable for PVC and water-resistant surfaces, the non-washable cleaning gel can be reused until the color turns black.
【Suggested Use and Environment】:It is more safe to keep your children or pets away from the cleaning putty, Please put the cleaning mud into the sealed box after use and store it in a cool dry place. You absolutely love the touch feeling of this cleaning mud! Flexible and non-sticky to your hand with light fragrance. cleaning jelly is made of biodegradable gel material with smells sweet fragrance.

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