Dioxyme Brain – Nootropic Brain Booster – Enhance Mental Performance – Increase Memory, Focus, Cognition & Energy (60 Count)

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Product Description

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Dioxyme Brain supplementsDioxyme Brain supplements


Our natural nootropics improve mental processing, memory, focus, creativity, and athletic performance. We use patented timed-release caffeine to amplify the effect of each ingredient and to provide a smooth, steady delivery of energy for 6 hours with no jitters or crash.

Can you take BRAIN with other products?

Yes! You can certainly stack BRAIN with other products based on your personal goals.

Can you take BRAIN on an empty stomach?

Yes. You can take this on an empty stomach or with food.


Take 30 minutes prior to needing energy and focus

Serving size is (2) pills, but we recommend anywhere from (1-3) pills based on caffeine tolerance

Due to extended release caffeine we do not recommend taking within (6) hours of bedtime

Dioxyme Brain supplements

Dioxyme Brain supplements

Dioxyme Brain supplements

Dioxyme Brain supplements

Dioxyme Brain supplements

Dioxyme Brain supplements

Dioxyme Brain supplements

Dioxyme Brain supplements


Midday slump? Our natural nootropics will push you through your workday by increasing energy and motivation. Nootropics are excellent work/study aids that increase focus, memory, and creativity.


Before exercise? Use BRAIN before workouts or competition to feel in-the-zone with an energy increase and sharper focus.

Video Games

Are you a professional or hardcore gamer? BRAIN helps with energy, focus, memory, and creativity helping you to play at peak performance for longer.


Whether you’re a painter, writer, or any kind of artist BRAIN can help you with your next project. Nootropics are excellent work/study aids that increase focus, memory, and creativity.

What’s Inside BRAIN?


Alpha GPC Choline increases your brain’s ability to focus on the task at hand. It also improves your ability to process information and enables you to remember more.


L-Carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid with 2 main functions as a nootropic: (1) It helps the brain produce energy (2) It helps increase the levels of certain neurotransmitters in the brain. As such, L-carnitine supports improved attention, memory, and learning. we naturally produce L-Carnitine in our bodies, but many of us suffer subclinical deficiencies from inadequate L-Carnitine intake. In fact, 75% of vegetarians and vegans tend to be deficient in L-Carnitine.


L-Tyrosine is a precursor for the production of 3 neurotransmitters, and the production of these transmitters leads to the following benefits: Improve your mood and help alleviate stress, improve your memory, improve your performance on complex mental tasks, improve your cognitive flexibility, and improve your concentration.


In our formula, we use patented timed-release caffeine which actually amplifies the effectiveness of the other nootropics found in BRAIN. When taking the recommended dose of 2 capsules, BRAIN provides you with a smooth release of approximately 40 mg of caffeine every hour for 6 hours. For reference, a shot of espresso has just about 60 mg of caffeine. Moreover, the timed-release technology eliminates any jitters or crash like those associated with high caffeine energy drinks.


L-Theanine is a natural amino acid. It is typically found in green tea and black tea. L-Theanine is pretty amazing with its contrasting dual benefits: it will improve your mental focus and arousal, and it will minimize your response to stress. When combined with caffeine it improves alertness and concentration


1-3-7 Trimethylxanthine is the fancy name for traditional, fast-acting caffeine. By having traditional caffeine alongside the timed-release caffeine, BRAIN can start working immediately and stay effective for up to 6 hours.

Dioxyme father son team scientist surgeon hockey player athleteDioxyme father son team scientist surgeon hockey player athlete

Our Story – Marc and Bennett

We’re a Father-Son run business that specializes in craft supplements that work. We’re a doctor-athlete team that got our start trying to find the right supplements to help my son, Bennett, reach his goal of playing professional hockey. After accomplishing this goal we took this experience to start Diozyme. As we did with Bennett, we want to help anyone reach theirs fitness and wellness goals, whatever those may be.

We’re a small batch, craft-supplements company. We pride ourselves on quality, safety, and delivering results. Our process is unlike any other, which is why we’re the best the industry. Dioxyme products are produced in GMP certified and FDA inspected facilities. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines ensure the correct production processes and procedures are followed and documented. This ensures the proper ingredient identity, strength, quality and purity that is listed on the label is actually in the product. Many Dioxyme products are Informed Sport certified meaning they go through a rigorous, 8 step, independent, third party evaluation and testing for certification. What Informed Sport certification means: the certified products have been tested for all World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) banned substances and found free of such substances. What sets us apart from our competitors is what makes our products work:

Backed by Science – Our co-founder, a physician and patent holder, believes it’s his obligation to create products that are held to the highest standards, and that are based on medical research. Each product we produce has a purpose, and our philosophy is simple: we only create products that work. Whether you’re a major league athlete, you want to set a personal best, or you believe in being healthy, our supplements will produce results you’ll actually feel and see.Athlete-Validated – Our supplements are engineered in partnership with the best athletes in the world, and the understanding of their needs are formulated into every one of our products. These athletes trust us to provide safe, effective, and unique supplements that will improve their game and keep them healthy. You don’t have to take our word for it, but you might want to take theirs.We Listen to You – It doesn’t stop with professional athletes though. We’re a father-son run company and we tailor our products to you. Our small-batch approach allows us to be nimble. We take your feedback and adjust our products accordingly. More so, we don’t hide behind the big corporate veil. Instead, if you reach out to Dioxyme, odds are you will probably end up speaking with an owner. We are your nutrition tour guides, and we’re here to help.Flavor & Ingredients – We know most people think supplements taste like crap. Not ours though. We employ expert-trained chefs who produce some of the world’s finest confections. They’ll provide you an experience you’ll enjoy and actually look forward to. We take that a step further by only using sustainable, natural ingredients and flavors, derived from humane sources.

The Bottom Line

I am a successful surgeon, author and patent holder. My credibility and morals have always been my livelihood.

With that said, I assure you supplements do work. The right ingredients at the right dose will yield results.

But you need to do your research. You need to look for brands who have the proper certifications, who are third party tested, and who use NSF certified GMP facilities.

I am proud of the products we create, and the unique process we employ. I confidently recommend our products to all my patients, and I can confidently recommend them to you.

– Marc S. Schneider M.D. P.A., Co-Founder of Dioxyme

CLINICALLY PROVEN & PATENTED: Physician formulated for effectiveness and 3rd-Party tested for purity and safety. Informed Choice Sport tested and certified for banned substances. Non-GMO and Gluten Free.
IDEAL FOR MEMORIZATION & FOCUS: Enhance your studying and daily life with stronger memorization, mental performance and concentration. Improve your test preparation, performance, and focus. Be better prepared and dominate that next presentation.
PERFECT FOR EVERYONE: Students, professionals, supermom’s, and businesspeople alike whose mental and physical performance is the key to their success and daily wellbeing.
EXTENDED RELEASE: Brain contains Extended-Release Caffeine that delivers a dose of energy every hour for up to 6 hours. The steady dose makes sure you stay in the zone without jitters or crash.

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