Embrilliance StitchArtist Level 1, Digitizing Embroidery Software for Mac & PC

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Product Description

Embrilliance StitchArtist Logo Embrilliance StitchArtist Logo

StitchArtist is a program for both PC and Mac to create or ‘digitize’ machine embroidery designs from scratch. You can start either by using existing artwork or by ‘drawing with stitches.’ You create and control the shapes, set the stitch types and properties, and StitchArtist generates stitches for you, outputting to a file your embroidery machine will understand.

We designed StitchArtist for ease-of-use and to make digitizing education simple. The process of design creation, commonly called ‘digitizing’, requires a skilled person using specialized software; StitchArtist is that software. Though it includes all the tools you need to digitize, it is designed to take as much difficulty out of learning the software as possible , leaving the user to concentrate on their designs and to become skilled without fighting with their tools.

In a radical departure from the typical digitizing interface, StitchArtist uses a single mode to draw shapes, set stitches, size, edit, rotate, sequence and set properties of design objects. It is easy and intuitive once you know the basics, which are described in detail in the included user guide.

StitchArtist Quilting Design Contour CreateStitchArtist Quilting Design Contour Create

StitchArtist: Digitizing for Everyone

Create designs for machine embroidery with ease.

Upgrading Stitchartist From Level 1 to Level 2Upgrading Stitchartist From Level 1 to Level 2

Grow with your Skill Level

StitchArtist comes in three levels to suit different skills and needs; you can always purchase upgrades and move to the next level of skill and complexity as you learn.

Level 1 is designed for a hobby embroiderer who needs simple digitizing software able to create stitches without expensive software or complicated, time-consuming tools.

Level 2 is designed for production and skills training for those who would like to create more sophisticated embroidery designs including corporate logos, and offers a wider cross section of tools and stitch types that allow the creation of virtually any design.

Level 3 is meant for those who truly love to create designs or for digitizers working commercially in machine embroidery. It includes advanced tools for shape manipulation, a much wider set of stitch types, and tools that enhance both artistic interpretation and efficiency. SA3 has the most options for input and publishing, making it the choice for stock design creators and professionals.

Embrilliance StitchArtist Embroidery Digitizing Easy Drawing Points Flower Stitches Design MachineEmbrilliance StitchArtist Embroidery Digitizing Easy Drawing Points Flower Stitches Design Machine

How do you use StitchArtist?

Most users will begin by importing a background image of a design that they want to embroider. They will then create ‘objects’. These objects are the shapes that will be stitched in the design. Those who are familiar with any modern drawing tool will feel comfortable with StitchArtist as it uses a Bezier model of shaping; even so, StitchArtist also includes a ‘spline’ drawing mode that makes object creation easy, even for those who have never used drawing software. Shapes can also be imported from True Type fonts for digitizing and alteration.

Once you have created your shapes, you can apply stitch properties to each, and can alter their position and sequence, as well as any of your stitch settings at any time at the click of a button.

Bezier Curve Editing allowed on spline entry mode embroidered vine made with backstitchingBezier Curve Editing allowed on spline entry mode embroidered vine made with backstitching

Easy Editing and Reworking

Editing outlines is a frequent task when creating designs. StitchArtist helps make this easier and more efficient with the following features:

Instant and automatic stitch generation for immediate viewing of the results of your edit.One mode for selection, editing, coloring, moving, sizing, rotating or adjusting properties.Multiple display modes that allow you to see your work in line art, stitches, and 3D preview and alter the visibility of your source art easily, no matter the process or mode you are working in.Simulated spline entry makes shape creation easy for users unfamiliar with Bezier making creation easier to teach, while SA allows editing with the precision of Bezier curves on items after they are generated.

StitchArtist 1, applique, embroidery, machine embroidery, digitizing, design, embroideryStitchArtist 1, applique, embroidery, machine embroidery, digitizing, design, embroidery

Stitch Artist level 1 Opens the Door with the tools you need to start digitizing!

Digitize with a myriad of expressive stitch types!

Included are: Line (vector only), Manual, Run (7 styles), Fill, Satin Border, Satin Column (auto-incline), Applique, Stipple. Motif Run, Motif Fill, Cross Stitch, and Freestanding Lace Background Stitches!

Use a wide range of tools and properties

Draw with points, a freehand pen, automatic magic wand, or Bezier curves, and place holes in your shapes. Adjust entry and exit points or use automated entry/exit settings. Control tie in/outs and underlays. Sequence by color and sort colors. Learn the basics of machine embroidery design creation and control your creations!

Visualize your designs

StitchArtist 1 lets you simulate applique on-screen and generate cut files to use with your particular plotter cutter. It also generates images of your designs easily, and allows you to recolor designs with custom palettes you create!

In addtion you have the following assets

Over 200 outlines that can be used in any stitch type, including applique.

Over 150 Motifs for run and fill

Over 50 Emboss patterns

Over 15 Fill Patterns

A complete built-in Help file and dowloadable PDF manual

StitchArtist Level 1 is designed for hobby embroiderers who need to create stitches without going into debt or spending endless hours learning complicated software. Level 1 curates a limited set of stitch types and properties so that the user can simply ‘create’ without learning uneccessary tools. Typical projects for Level 1 include simple applique designs, running stitch designs and simple filled shapes, backgrounds and additional decorative elements for design compositions.
The same great Embrilliance StitchArtist software you’ve seen in social media groups and offered online, shipped to you on a physical disk.
Create applique objects with automatic placement guides, material tacking stitches, and top-stitching in satin, blanket, or E-Stitches.
Add an image to the background and easily trace to create objects filled with stitches resutling in your own custom machine embroidery designs.
Create more with less frustration and button memorization.

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