Gen. 2 Hybrid (FM and Zigbee) E-Wand Starter Kit with CPC Bridge – 3 Hybrid E-Wands, 1 Remote Control, and 1 CPC Bridge. Released June 2021

Price: $409.95
(as of Jul 30,2021 11:32:08 UTC – Details)

The Hybrid E-Wand is an integratable wireless, retrofit solution for blind slat motorization on horizontal slatted blinds and wand tilt vertical blinds with a multitude of control methods including manual control, remote control, grouping capabilities, automated movement through integrated light and temperature sensors. Use the CPC Bridge (included in the starter kit WITH bridge, not included in the starter kit WITHOUT bridge) for app control and voice integration with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Hybrid E-Wands CAN be paired directly to third party native Zigbee hubs. This package includes three white E-Wands, batteries, all mounting accessories, a remote control, and a CPC Bridge. COMPATIBLE WITH MOST HORIZONTAL BLINDS AND WAND-TILT VERTICAL BLINDS. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH CORD TILT VERTICAL BLINDS. MUST USE THE HORIZONTAL TILT CONVERTER TO CONVERT CORD TILT HORIZONTAL BLINDS TO A WAND TILT. WARNING: BATTERIES MUST BE INSTALLED CORRECTLY FOR CORRECT OPERATION. INCORRECT BATTERY INSTALLATION WILL RESULT IN THE BATTERIES HEATING UP. ALL BATTERIES MUST BE INSTALLED WITH THE POSITIVE END FIRST. For questions about compatibility with your blinds, please contact the manufacturer.

1.Requires proper installation and programming prior to operation.
2.NATIVE ZIGBEE – Pair E-Wands directly to third party Zigbee hubs, (compatible with Amazon Echo Plus and compatible with Samsung SmartThings). Use the CPC Bridge (included) to use the MyCurtains app and integrate with Google Home, Amazon Echo, IFTTT, etc.
3.Motorize/Automate the tilt of blind slats. E-Wands retrofit onto existing horizontal blinds and wand-tilt vertical blinds. MUST USE TILT CONVERTER (SOLD SEPARATELY) TO CONVERT CORD TILT HORIZONTAL BLINDS. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH CORD OR CHAIN TILT VERTICAL BLINDS.
4.These E-Wands are Gen 2 Hybrid with both FM and Zigbee communication. The included remote control is FM and can be paired to the E-Wands directly. The E-Wands can be added to or create a Zigbee mesh network for integration.
5.Each E-Wand uses (6) AA Alkaline Batteries (included). INSERT BATTERIES POSITIVE END FIRST.

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