Hengzongsm Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt Lamp, Bluetooth Speaker Salt Lamp, Singing Salt Lamp Night Light, Pure Air (Negative Ions) + Soothing Music (Sleep Aid), Adjustable Brightness, 2 Spare Bulbs

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Product Description


Himalayas crystal saltHimalayas crystal salt

100% Himalayas crystal rock

Each piece of orange-pink crystal salt from the Himalayas is carefully selected.

The main function of crystal salt: contains a variety of cell minerals and trace elements, can stably release negative ions, and absorb dust and particles in the air.

Salt lamp

Salt lamp

Salt lamp

Salt lamp

Salt lamp that can sing

Salt lamp that can sing

The lit salt lamp releases negative ions

Absorb the dust and particles in the air to achieve the effect of purifying the air.

The lit salt lamp releases “Schumann wave”

Adjust and neutralize electromagnetic wave radiation.

It is a salt lamp that can sing

It is both a salt lamp and a Bluetooth speaker, and it can even add solid fragrance to become an aroma lamp.

salt lampsalt lamp

The salt lamp has passed CE, FCC certification


Adjustable brightnessAdjustable brightness

Adjustable brightness

The salt lamp has a memory brightness function.

Please follow the instructions of the product manual to set and adjust the brightness that suits you.


Two-channel, stereo surround speakers

It has been polished and tuned hundreds of times by the tuner, and the tone is bright and powerful.

Speaker parameters:



Take care of your health

Take care of your health

Use as a night light

Use as a night light

Use it to listen to a soothing music

Use it to listen to a soothing music



Take care of your health.

Use as a night light.

Use it to listen to a soothing music.

Perfect gift.

●Salt lamp (speaker salt lamp)/aromatherapy lamp that can sing: It is both a salt lamp night light and a speaker. Soft lighting + fresh air + wonderful music, or add spices to make it an aromatherapy lamp, so you can easily fall asleep or relieve fatigue, and start a beautiful day at the same time. The 5W high-power 40mm dual-channel speaker has a unique tone and powerful stereo surround effect. It is an ideal choice for bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms and leisure places.
●Brightness adjustment and 10m Bluetooth effective distance: The salt lamp uses a tungsten bulb, stepless dimming, no flicker, soft light, eye protection, and the brightness can be adjusted between 0-100. Turn on the Bluetooth connection function, you can match 2 mobile phones at the same time, and the effective distance is 10m. Don’t worry about parking the phone too far away from the phone.
●Tact switch, simple operation: Our speaker salt lamp adopts a tact switch, which can be turned on or off by touching. Short press or long press to adjust the brightness of the salt lamp (the brightness has a storage function, that is, the brightness is turned off for the last time). Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection, click the Bluetooth symbol to turn on the voice prompt, turn on the phone’s Bluetooth to search for UFW01, and then click to complete the pairing.
●Product quality and after-sales service: Each piece of crystalline salt in our salt lamps is carefully selected. Each of our speaker salt lamps undergoes strict quality control before leaving the factory. Please rest assured to buy. After using this product, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will contact you in time (including return, exchange or repair).

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