HiLetgo 2pcs HR202 Humidity Sensor Relay Switch Humidity Control Switch DC 5V 1 Channel Humidity Sensor Relay Module for Arduino

Price: $7.49
(as of Jul 24,2021 17:04:31 UTC – Details)

For ambient humidity detection,high quality humidity sensor with relay output to direct control of related equipment power

Supply Voltage: 5VDC; Maximum Load: 250V/10A AC or 30V/10A DC,or less than this power

Module Instructions:
*Humidity sensor is most sensitive to environmental humidity,generally used to detect the ambient humidity;
*2)The relays pull in,so the common end and normally open end connect when the ambient humidity exceeds the set threshold;The relays break off,so the common end and normally closed end connect when the ambient humidity is below the set threshold 3)Common end,normally open end & normally closed end is equivalent to a dualcontrol switch.The common end and the normally open connect when the relay live electricity ;the common end and normally closed end connect when the relay is out of electricity.

Package Included:
2*Humidity Sensor Switch Relay Module

Adopt high-quality HR202 humidity sensor
The comparator output directly the driver relays,connecting with 220V AC or other equipment
With a potentiometer to adjust the detection threshold for temperature
Pinheader can be installed with the sensor interface,which can connect with the humidity sensor with the lead wire
The board dimensions: 50*26*19mm,with 4 3mm fixed bolt holes for easy installation

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