Hogar Controls Cerebro Pro Smart Home Hub, Capable of Multi Control, Compatible with Z-Wave, Z-Wave Plus, Zigbee, BLE, Wi-Fi and Ethernet, Compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant, Plug & Play

Price: $249.00
(as of Jul 24,2021 17:17:35 UTC – Details)

The Cerebro Home Controller Pro connects devices to the network and controls communication among them. The Cerebro Pro connects either locally or to the cloud and allows you to control your smart home devices via the HOGAR PRO APP. The Hogar Pro app allows you to receive alerts/notifications about the connected devices and run your home remotely with your iPhone, Android or even tablet & iPad devices. The Hub receives commands from the app and sends them to other smart home devices, as well as sending important alerts to your mobile device if some action occurs.

DESCRIPTION: Hogar Control’s Cerebro Pro connects devices to various types of networks and smart home protocols, and controls communication among them. The Cerebro Pro connects locally or to the cloud, allowing you to control your smart devices via the HOGAR PRO app.
CAPABILITIES: Cerebro Pro primarily uses Z-Wave Plus protocol (which is the most secure and reliable smart home protocol); however, it is also capable of using all other protocols ranging from Zigbee to Bluetooth Low Energy to even standard Wi-Fi or Ethernet. This powerful smart home hub is capable of controlling up to 232 smart home devices without a single hitch!
FUNCTIONS: Capable of reaching indoors radius up to 100 feet indoors, and up to 160 feet outdoors, as well as separate rooms and floors. If you have a larger home and would like a wider range, no need to worry! The Cerebro Pro is running on a Master & Slave operation method, where you can combine multiple of these devices resulting in achieving an even wider range!
DESIGN: Plug & Play! The Cerebro Pro is a very powerful yet simply engineered device, resulting in a quick and enjoyable experience upon installation. This device quite literally takes up to 2 minutes to install, without having to start Googling and YouTube surfing for help or the need to call for your local electrician!
CONNECTIVITY: Enjoy seamless connectivity between the Cerebro Pro and Hogar Controls Prima Touch Switches, and even 3rd party products via our Hogar Pro App, located in the App Store as well as the Google Play store, (You can even try a demo version of our app, as if you already had our products in your home).Safe & secure with our industry leading S2 encryption and secured cloud network.

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