LHNK Sandproof Beach Blanket – Oversized & Lightweight Beach Mat for 4-7 Adults, Waterproof Pocket Picnic Blanket with Pouch and 4 Anchors – Quick Drying Outdoor Blanket for Travel, Hiking, Camping

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Product Description

enjoy your couple beach timeenjoy your couple beach time


We are always thinking, what kind of blanket can solve the problems you encounter during travel and vacation?

Are you worried that the sand will pass through the mats or stick to the mat and disturb the happy time?

Are you worried that the water will penetrate the blanket and wet the objects?

Are you worried that too much wind will blow your camping blanket away?

Are you worried that there is too much luggage to provide more space for the blanket?

Are you worried that small items such as mobile phones or car keys will get wet and damaged during beach time?

After continuous experimentation, LHNK Travel Blanket has found a solution from the material and process that you can have a wonderful happy time whether it is at the beach, park, road trip, or at a music festival.

water proof

water proof

sandproof beach blanket

sandproof beach blanket

wind proof beach blanket

wind proof beach blanket

Waterproof Solution

Our outdoor mats are made of 210T polymer material and In order to better improve the waterproof effect, we have added a waterproof PU coating on the back of the beach mat. This material can prevent water infiltration.

Sand Proof and Easy Cleaning Solutions

Our outdoor mats are made of 210T polymer material, which is different from other cotton and nylon blankets. This material is denser, hard-wearing, non-staining, and water-repellent.

Windproof Solution

In order to prevent the strong wind from blowing away the beach mat, we have added four fixing buckles on the four corners of the beach mat so that you can fix the blanket where you want.

Extra large beach blanketExtra large beach blanket

family beach mat

family beach mat

friends camping time

friends camping time

durable and lightweight

durable and lightweight

Family Beach Time

As a beach mat, bright colors and design make it easier for you to find your family on the beach. The beautiful beach blanket allows you to take selfies to your heart’s content and leave unique and beautiful memories.

Friends Camping and Picnic Time

As a picnic blanket or camping blanket, it has good material and a size that can accommodate more than 8 people, as well as a lightweight packaging design, which can make your camping and picnic time better.

Light packaging

Although the unfolded size of our beach blanket is large, the folded package size is very compact and will not take up the space of your suitcase. It is very light and will not add extra burden to you. In addition, after unfolding, the packaging bag can be used to secure items such as mobile phones or keys to prevent loss and damage from being wetted by water.

Folding Steps

beach blanket, beach mat, picnic blanket, outdoor blanket, waterproof sandproof blanketbeach blanket, beach mat, picnic blanket, outdoor blanket, waterproof sandproof blanket

Note: In order to pack the beach mat better, please refer to our instructions to fold it.

beach blanket, beach mat, picnic blanket, outdoor blanket, waterproof sandproof blanketbeach blanket, beach mat, picnic blanket, outdoor blanket, waterproof sandproof blanket


Blue Grey

Green Grey

Blue White Orange

Blue White Orange



83” × 79‘’

108” × 96”

87” × 79‘’

9.8′ × 9.2′

79.5” × 26‘’ × 2.7‘’

Suitable for Outdoor

SAND FREE & STRESS-FREE – Enjoy your beach time, allow yourself to relax on one of the most comfortable and resistant beach mats on the market. The sand or water won’t ruin your fun because our blanket is made from 210T polyester and PU coating.
LARGE ENOUGH FOR YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS – From kids to adults, everyone will have enough space to sit or lay down on our beach blanket. It has a large size of 108” x 96” (274cm x 243cm) and 4 sturdy anchors to keep it in place. Plus you get to choose from 2 fresh summer colors: blue or green.
COMPACT POCKET BLANKET – Free your hands and travel with ease. Your foldable blanket comes with a portable carrying bag and has a lightweight design that allows you to put in your pocket or attach it to your beach tote with the help of the carabiner included in the package.
SURPRISING FUNCTIONALITY – Get ready to explore and make new memories. The extended features of this blanket make it ideal for all kinds of events and occasions: hiking, camping, picnics, beaches, outdoor festivals, and much more.
TRUSTED SERVICE & 2-YEARS REPLACEMENT – Your complete satisfaction is our top priority, and because of this, we have a risk-free purchase policy in place. We offer you a 60-day money-back guarantee and a 2-years replacement.

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