MagniPros 3X Large Ultra Bright LED Page Magnifier with 12 Anti-Glare Dimmable LEDs(Evenly Lit Viewing Area & Relieve Eye Strain)-Ideal for Reading Small Prints & Low Vision Seniors with Aging Eyes

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Product Description

Magnipros Magnipros

MagniPros is the brand you trust for quality low vision aids. Established in 2014, our mission is to bring excitement back to the world of optics, lending a new face to something upon which we so heavily depend. We believe sight should not be a luxury for the few; instead, quality optics should be available to all. Join us in giving an opportunity to all those in need of optic enhancement and let us steer you towards our perfect vision.

Specifications of This LED Page Magnifier:

7.1″(180mm) x 4.5″(114mm) View Area : 3X Magnification- Magnifies up to 300%3X lens focal length: 4.5″(114mm)Adjustable brightness level: From 0 to 720 LumensLightweight- Only weighs 3.5 oz without batteries(5 oz with batteries)12 Energy Efficient Ultra Bright LED lightsRequires 3 AAA batteries (Not included)Lens cleaning clothPremium unbreakable ABS materialAlternative use: flashlight

Comfortable to Hold Weight is evenly distributed. At 3.5 oz, it’s the lightest LED page magnifier for its size – no more arm fatigue!

Tough Construction Portable and tough enough to take with you wherever you go. The durable construction of the lens and sturdy handle means even kids can use it safely for science experiments.

adjustable brightness leveladjustable brightness level

Illuminated to ANY Brightness Level with Dimmer Switch

This magnifier is equipped with 12 DIMMABLE & Energy-Efficient SMD LED lights built surrounded the frame, which provides more evenly lit viewing area, brightness level can be adjusted from 0% to 100% with lighting switch-put out the perfect amount of light when you need to read or work in the dark.These LED lights will last for more than 100,000 hours without burning-out or overheating, in other words, if you use 8 hours a day, these LED lights will last for more than 20 years.

Crystal ClearCrystal Clear

Large Viewing Area Magnifies Up to 300% with Crystal Clear Image

The orientation of the lens shapes the way we naturally read, it is specifically designed for those who love to read with deteriteing eye conditions ex: low vision, aging eyes, and Macular Degeneration The handle is specifically designed to fit your palms comfortably with non slip design, and it can be held portrait or landscape depending on your reading style. The retangular lens covers large viewing area, therefore, you don’t need to move your hands all the time to get the best view, the viewing area is measured 4.5″x 7″ and magnifies up to 300%

led lights

led lights

Ergonomic handle

Ergonomic handle

long reading time

long reading time

Anti-Glare Reflector(Patent)

Our patented technology puts lighting emitting from semi-transparent reflector(the plastic thing covers LED lights) which creates more evenly lit viewing area without glare to your eyes, perfect for nighttime book reading and use in low light applications.

Lightweight & Comfort Grip

It is constructed out of premium non-toxic ABS and only weighs 5 ounces, about half of weight compare with other same size led page magnifiers, therefore, your hands/arms won’t be fatigue easily, ideal for longer reading time.

Read Everything in Perfect Clarity

No more struggling to read the tiny print on those coupons and pill prescriptions. Now you can read everything in perfect clarity. Our reading magnifiers are the perfect companion to help you enjoy your morning paper, read prescriptions and enjoy day to day life again. You can’t go wrong with this top rated LED Magnifying Glass!

low vision expertlow vision expert

★ THE MOST ADVANCED LIGHTING SYSTEM ON MAGNIFIER: This led magnifier is equipped with 12 SMD led lights which are covered by anti-glare reflector, therefore, lighting will be directed to an designated area without glare to your eyes, and provide evenly lit viewing area.
★ LARGE VIEWING AREA WITH CRYSTAL CLEAR LENS: Optical grade magnifying lens covers large viewing area without having your hands to move all the time, lens(viewing area) is measured 4.5″x 7″ and magnifies up to 300%.
★ 12 ENERGY EFFICIENT SMD LEDs CONTROLLED BY DIMMABLE SWITCH: Our SMD LEDs are designed to last 100,000+ hours not only provide more evenly lit and brighter viewing area but consume less power than traditional LEDs so a new set of batteris would last twice longer.
★ LIGHTWEIGHT & ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The unit itself only weights 6 ounces, and the grip of this LED magnifier is ergonomically designed for most hands,therefore, ideal for long reading time.
★BRIGHTEST & THE BEST READING MAGNIFIER:The brightness level peaks at 720 lumens, the brightest on the market, these LEDs are designed to last for more than 20 years without burning out or overheating.

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