Mini Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Cameras WiFi – 1080P FLL HD Hidden Nanny Cam with Cell Phone App, Small Covert Security Camera with Night Vision Motion Detection for Home/Car/Indoor/Outdoor

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Product Description

Flyneei DIY foldable soft mini wifi camera micro cameraFlyneei DIY foldable soft mini wifi camera micro camera

Are you looking for the Flyneei Easy-to-Use Mini Camera? Or the long-term battery life of the Tinny Camera?Are you looking for a wireless security camera for home with many features?Flyneei is a company that specializes in making and selling mini cameras. Their products include: wireless mini small camera, wifi surveillance security camera for home,And they have produced tiny nanny cameras that can be used for secret cameras indoors and outdoors and so on, can meet your different needs!Flyneei DIY foldable Mini security camera with many features:Wireless Network Connection / Motion Detection / 2.4GHz WiFi Connected / Live Streaming Via App / Push Notification / Available for Apple (iOS) or Android Device / DIY Foldable Soft / Easy to Set / Video Quality & picture quality was very good / camera works great at night visionIs it cost-effective to buy a high-end Sports Mini Camera?Want to buy a cheap Nanny Camera for fear of being unsafe while using it?This DIY mini camera the function of wireless WiFi and supports 128GB memory card (not included).You can directly use these nanny cams to record and take photos when playing outside. Video quality and picture quality are very goodYou can view this hidden wifi camera from anywhere in the world, and also log in via the app, as long as you connect and keep it connected to your home router’s WiFi (2.4G only, not 5G).Make sure this Flyneei hidden security camera works great for you. In fact, it set up was very easy. If you don’t want to bother, Insert the memory card directly and then turn it on and you can record directly, this fexible metal hose camera can folding any shape you want and easy hide matter where you’re, it can be better for track and keep an eye on your home.This mini micro camera can also be tied to the bike.If you want to buy it as a car recorder, this wifi mini cameras can also be installed in the car and used as a car camera, which is much cheaper than buying a real car Camcorder. Save your money, highly recommend.If you feel low on battery, You can also charge it with a Car Charger.You can see that the small mini camera can also be mounted on the Wall or on the wardrobe through the way of Wall bracket, or the WiFi Wireless Micro Camera can be folded and mounted on the motorcycle for use. (That’s a cool decision!) Tips: 1: Please insert the memory card into the computer and format it before use 2: Please charge for a few hours before use,There is no indicator light when charging, and you can charge it on or off 3:After inserting the memory card, and then turning it on, it will automatically record after a while 4:Unless the password is forgotten or the device cannot be connected, in general, please do not long press the “R” key next to it to format, because you need to reconnect (Please do not use 5G router network for it, because it only supports 2.4ghz) 5:If you are worried that the information push brought by motion detection will disturb you, you can manually adjust its sensitivity or turn it off on the APP interface! 6:The APP developed by our company is suitable for many cameras of different shapes, so you will see that some buttons on the App interface do not work. this is normal phenomenon. Please use the button or function corresponding to the camera you purchased.

Connect mini camera Remotely Control & Hotspot

Connect mini camera Remotely Control & Hotspot

mini wifi camera spy security DIY foldable small camera for home indoor/outdoor using

mini wifi camera spy security DIY foldable small camera for home indoor/outdoor using

Flyneei Flodable mini camera wireless wifi security camera

Flyneei Flodable mini camera wireless wifi security camera

Connect mini camera Remotely Control & Hotspot

Download the camera App from the( iPhone ios)Apple Store or (Android)Google marketEasy setup the wifi camera, Click the switch button on the side & wait for about 10 seconds to find the hotspot of the nanny cameras “AYS*********” in the phone’s WiFi Settings.Click the Small Camera hotspot“AYS*********”,Then open the WiFi Mini Spy Camera App & you will see an automatic message popping up on the phone’s interface: “Do you want to connect this camera?”, select “Confirm”, & then enter your home router name & password & save to connect successfully (2.4G only, not 5G).If you do not see the message prompt, please click the icon “+” with the top corner & click the first setting. Go to set WIFI and then return to the phone interface. It will auto-connect successfullyIf the connection is still not successful or forget the password, long press “R” to reset and try again!Please charge the Micro Camera for a few hours before use

Mini Camera livestream via the app wireless wifi remotely control

Like a pet camera, it can record video directly or be controlled remotely via a phone app, allowing it to be seen from anywhere in the worldIf you don’t have WiFi at home, or if you don’t want too much complexity, you can opt for direct recording mode—— Insert the memory card first, the foldable wifi mini spy camera maximum support 128GB micro-SD card (not included), then slide the switch button next to wait for a startup, wait about 2 minutes, it will auto record——Slide the button on the side of the mini spy camera and wait a moment. The work light will flash and then turn off the small camera.When you finish recording, take out the memory card from your Tinny cameraIf you choose to watch the live stream via the AppThis hidden security camera can be used in a wider range, such as caring for children, the elderly, pets, office, warehouse, parking lot, outdoor, indoor/outdoor use, the use of wireless WiFi can meet your multi-direction needs!

Multiple ways to power the DIY folding wireless WiFi micro camera 1080P

1: You can charge the Mini Secret Small night vision hidden camera using a USB charging cable2: You can charge a video WiFi mini-camera from a wall socket3: Or, for convenience, consider using a power pack to power the motion-activated camera.Even the car charger that charges this portable security camera is a good choiceLarge capacity battery camera for home security, the perfect pinhole camera actually has a long life, full charge around 8 hours, you don’t have to worry about its working time, or you can charge it while you use it.This secret WiFi camera allows multiple people to view a camera at the same time, or multiple apps to view a camera at the same time.This is a DIY foldable mini camera that has emerged to satisfy your imagination.It is the best gift to give to your friends, family, brothers and so on

Foldable wireless wifi Small Camera wall bracket / Easy to use

Foldable wireless wifi Small Camera wall bracket / Easy to use

Foldable Easy DIY indoor/outdoor using

Foldable Easy DIY indoor/outdoor using

Flyneei foldable mini camera wireless wifi indoor outdoor using

Flyneei foldable mini camera wireless wifi indoor outdoor using

Foldable wireless wifi Small Camera wall bracket / Easy to use

How to use this soft mini spy camera stand?1: Tear off the wall bracket sticker from the backsideStick it on any place you want to install it, such as walls, doors, closets, etcApply the finger to the wall bracket and hold it for 10 seconds2: Install the Foldable Wifi Secret Mini Camera and you can fold it into anything you want ,like cop cam — an “S “shape, An “L” shape, a” 7 “shape, anything you want to DIY shape3: How to take out the small camera? How did this Mini Camera come out?4:You have to press the wall bracket with your fingers and then take out the tinny nanny cameras with the other fingers.These two things need to be done at the same time because the soft WiFi camera has a lot of force.Therefore, in order to prevent the bracket from falling off when you take out the Nanny Cam, (please slowly take out the Mini WiFi Camera instead of quickly.)

Foldable Easy DIY indoor/outdoor using

This is a DIY Protable camera, the WiFi Small Camera folds freely, which has more installation methods, such as business meeting negotiation, indoor installation, and uses, whether it is directly recorded, Or You can live-stream videos from anywhere in the world when you go away from home,This wireless nanny CAM with phone app, just downloads an app on Mobile Phone. This Mini Nanny Camera can be quickly and easily set up on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.The little camera battery life can use about 8 hours after full charge, never worry about it stop recording and wonderful moments.Compared with other brands of cameras, Flyneei wireless wifi mini camera has the longest working time.Btw, flyneei DIY foldable micro camera with night vision works great and view up clearly to 20 feet at night,this wifi small camera can full protection your home, no worries somebody hidden at your home to do bad things such as spy or thief, keep an eye on your home

What the package include Flyneei DIY foldable soft mini wifi camera

1x wireless Wifi Flyneei soft mini camera

1x usb charging cable

1x user manual

1x wall bracket holders

3x wipes

The wall bracket allows you to place the hidden security camera on any surface

Flyneei Hidden mini Camera supports a variety of use scenarios, put this mini wifi camera in the office, apartment, home, store, car or drone, Your pocket, or on your backpack.

Flyneei camera cable is soft, that easier to hide the wireless nanny cam and goes unnoticed. It can also be used as a tinny cam, security camera, car camcorder, aerial action camera, pet camera, baby monitor, cop camera, etc.

Via the wifi camera App, you can watch the live broadcast from anywhere in the world, observe your employees, protect your property, including factory warehouse or factory goods, it has an night vision function when the night falls, it can automatically open, easy to use, a good mini camera can save you money

Flyneei Diy foldable soft wireless wifi mini camera for indoor / outdoor usingFlyneei Diy foldable soft wireless wifi mini camera for indoor / outdoor using

The functions below it can meet your needs extensively!

1:We can fold this mini camera into the shape we want and apply it to multiple scenes. We can use it as a nanny camera, Tinny camera, small camera, WiFi Micro camera, Cop CAM, Nanny cams, Action camera, Or a CAR video recorder, and it’s easy to set up.

2:It looks like a gadget, but actually, these small tinny cameras can be used as wireless security cameras for your home. You don’t need to buy an extra WiFi camera. House Camera, or hidden Security wifi Camera Outdoor, which can save you money, you can also live-stream around the world via the App of this Mini wifi Camera, when you go away at home.

it’s pretty good & highly recommend for a gift for your member or friends

3:Flyneei wifi mini security camera is You will never worry about it stop recording & our wireless camera has the longest working time. Comes with a 2200mAh battery for this rechargeable mini wifi camera, that can last up to 8 hours when fully charged. Also, this hidden mini camera supports 24/7 recording while charging. Advanced chip and the latest cooling technology enhance heat dissipation function of the tinny cam, solve the problem that the mini wifi camera is prone to hot during use. Plug-in power outlet or portable power bank to record up to 60+ hours.

4: Flyneei little camera can maximum support up to 128GB Micro SD Card (not include), and the motion sensor is COMS,batter for motion detection when someone passes the nanny camera, When you going out, set the tinny camera to alarm by message & images to your phone when motion is detected,The hidden security camera motion activated comes with built-in high accuracy motion detection technology. You can set the sensor sensitivity manually (Low/Medium/High) to help prevent false alarms.

5:Foldable soft mini small camera Usage Scenario

1:Bicycle camera

Q:Have you ever seen the Hidden Security Camera that can be used as a bike camera?

A:No, I have only bought sports cameras and Action Camera, but it is too big and inconvenient for me to carry. When I go out to play, I need to bring matching accessories to attach it to the handlebars of my bike. It’s too troublesome!

Q:What do you think of this Flyneei soft DIY foldable Mini camera?

You can roll it up and fix it on the handlebars of your bike. When you ride your bike, you can record and photograph the scenery along the way. You don’t need to use the sports camera accessories to fix it, because the Flyneei soft folding mini WiFi Camera itself can be fixed directly to the bike for use. It’s a good choice, isn’t it? :2: Motorcycle camera Q:Do you know what a motorcycle camera is? Do you know how to use Flyneei Soft foldable DIY Nanny Camera to install on Motorcle?

A:No, I’ve never heard of motorcycle cameras, I’ve only heard of mini-cameras, small cameras, dashcams, or baby monitors, never heard of motorcycle cameras, but if there’s a product that can solve the camera that I might bump into someone on my way to work and record it, I’d love to buy it!

Q:That’s right, dear, for the Flyneei Soft Foldable DIY Hidden Security Camera, which can be used as a motorcycle camera and is simple to use. You just roll it up and attach it to your motorcycle handlebar to take video.

3:Pet Cameras Q:Do you know where your pets go when you leave for work? What did it see in its eyes? Have you ever wanted to know your pet’s inner world? When you come home, it runs out of your house to you, what a warm moment? Was it recorded? It may not speak, nor understand the expression, but it has the right to let you to understand its inner world! A:Oh, I really ignored the feelings of it. I was so busy working to make money every day that I had no time to take care of it.I forgot that it was a member of my family. It would be so wonderful if a pet camera could record its interaction with my children anytime and anywhere Q:Yes, dear, our Flyneei Soft Tinny WiFi Wireless CAMs can solve this problem very well, You can use it as a removable pet camera and strap it to the side of your pet’s collar. When you go out can also take it to play, and with you to record the scenery along the way 4:Dash Camera or Car recorder Q:1.Are you worried about having an accident while driving and not having enough evidence to prove your innocence? 2.You had a lot of beautiful scenery and people while you were driving. Did you record them? A:I actually already have a dashcam on my car, but this portable Flyneei Soft Foldable Mini Nanny Cams just seemed so much more convenient that they could be placed on top of my rearview mirror, on my dashboard, or on the back of my car, which just seemed so much more functional, It saved me a lot of money 5:Mini wifi security camera for home,indoor/outdoor using Q:Have you purchased a Blink Camera or a Security Camera for indoor or outdoor security? Do they need to make holes in the wall? If so, will affect the beauty of the wall? Did you buy a babysitter camera that was too big? A: yes, they really can’t be carried around, and I saw this Flyneei soft foldable WiFi small camera that seems to be attached to holders for wall. That’s amazing. It saves me a lot of money. You may buy a Nanny Camera, Mini Camera, WiFi Camera, Hidden Security Camera, Action Camera, Car Reorder, PET Camera, Baby Monitor. Livestream Camera, Small Camera, Wireless Cameras for Home Security, as you can imagine, you need to pay a lot of money because their features can’t be seen on the same product at the same time, Until you see Flyneei Soft Foldable DIY Mini Camera, it can solve all your above needs without spending too much money. This is a good gift for friends and family!




Image Resolution

HD 1080P

Fll HD 1080P

Night Vision Range

20 feet

20 feet

working time

90 minutes

8 hours

Wide Angle

150 Degree

90 Degree

Also works without WiFi

Auto Night Vision

DIY folding installation

Built-in Magnet

Record While Charging

【 Large Rechargeable Spy Cam & Mini Camera 】 This wifi miniature nanny camera has a unique shape, it is soft and can be folded / bent at will, easy to hide anywhere, Its powerful built-in battery of 2200mAh can work for about 8 hours on full charge. It has multi-function mode and many uses, such as: Hidden security camera, tiny camera, mini camera,nanny cam, small camera, spy cam or pet camera, you can view everything that happened with this Mini Camera Live Stream from Anywhere in the world.
【FHD 1080P Nanny Cam & Motion Detection】 Probably the best 1080P mini-camera, this Nanny Camera features an imported 6-glass lens that can illuminate clearly for more than 20 feet, this nanny cam Motion Detection features use state-of-the-art technology to detect and send notifications to your phone. live streaming lets you see inside your home from anywhere in real-time using your mobile device. you can also view live video in 5m limited by Ap hotspot when the small camera without Wi-Fi.
【24/7 Loop Recording Wireless Mini Camera & Support Large Storage Max 128GB Micro SD Card】 This spy cam is powerful and compact: The camera lens is only 0.39 in, Flat cable length is 7 “, you can fold any size, battery size ratio: 2.55 x 1.38 x 0.98in, Also Great For Baby & Babysitter & Elderly monitoring, Outdoor Filming and Detecting nearby moving people. Same as security cameras indoor or outdoor functions (Tips: The tiny camera can support Max 128GB SD Card, No include)
【Hidden WIFI Camera & Wireless Spy Security Camera】 This Mini Spy Cams is soft a foldable with a perfect resolution of 1920x1080P. U can insert the contents of the SD Card into the computer & playback it after recording your video. Controlled remotely 24/7 live streaming via mobile apps & recording features, it’s a high-quality secret camera for personal & professional use. Format: H.264/MP4, power supply: power bank, or plug. Working with a wall stand, you can mount it anywhere.
【Excellent Live Stream Nanny Cam & SPY CAM】 Just download the App on your Apple (iOS) and Android mobile devices software store. This nanny camera is only compatible with the 2. 4GHz WiFi network ( no support 5GHz Wi-Fi), Now you are ready to live streaming lets you see inside your home from anywhere. Keep an eye on your home or office as a spy cam, the hidden security camera can be Install anywhere. (For safety reasons, the camera doesn’t support any public router WiFi without a password.)

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