Pair Set 2 Outer Steering Tie Rod Ends kit Compatible with Integra EL Civic CR-V

Price: $53.41
(as of Sep 20,2021 17:00:39 UTC – Details)


  • Signs of wear & troubleshooting – s1 b7: Alignment issues: an inability to set the proper alignment for y
  • Web content update date: 2018-02-14
  • 14 mm: 180.086
  • Faq – a1: Yes. Advantage Chassis parts are for both GM and non-GM
  • Part type: Steering Tie Rod End Kit
  • Faq – q1: Can I use Advantage Chassis parts on my non-GM vehicle?
  • Signs of wear & troubleshooting – s1 b1: Unexpected noises: clunking noises while turning your vehicleâ€s
  • Good maintenance practices – s1 b1: Inspect or have your tie rod components inspected for signs of w
  • Acd remandes: No
  • Good maintenance practices – s1 b2: Keep your tie rod ends lubricated. Road hazards like rough terra
  • Good maintenance practices – s1 b4: Installation of new tie rod components can interfere with the al
  • Good maintenance practices – s1 b3: Use a sleeve rotating tool to rotate your tie rod end adjusting
  • 2346 mm: 14.00
  • Padb update date: 2015-06-11
  • Keyword search: ; Automotive Replacement Parts; Chassis Parts; Ch
  • Product description: Advantage Steering Tie Rod Ends are economical replaceme
  • Marketing statement – product line: Advantage Chassis products provide high-quality parts at
  • Signs of wear & troubleshooting – s1 b3: Tire wear: excessive tire wear may indicate tie rod end and slee
  • Signs of wear & troubleshooting – s1 b5: Vibration while driving: loose tie rod connections will allow yo
  • Signs of wear & troubleshooting – s1 b4: Sagging tires: bad tie rods cannot properly support the wheels o
  • Same quality as OE for less money
    Designed with the latest software and manufactured with modern tooling
    Direct fit replacement
    Installs the same as factory unit
    Same dimensions as OE part

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