PMP Exam Prep Book: PMBOK Study Guide for Project Management Certification with Practice Exams and Online Flash Cards

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Increase your marketability, network with other project managers, and improve your abilities to lead a project by becoming a certified PMP with Nathan PMP Prep’s efficient, easy-to-follow study guide book, PMP Exam Prep Book: PMBOK Study Guide for Project Management Certification with Practice Exams and Online Flash Cards.

As any project manager will tell you, time is the most valuable commodity in a project. Fully aligned with PMBOK Sixth Edition, PMP Exam Prep Book makes the most of the time you spend preparing for the exam. PMP Exam Prep Book’s chapters have gone through multiple stages of revision to comprehensively and quickly cover all the key information tested on the PMP exam. Our book is readable and easy to scan, streamlining your review process. PMP Exam Prep Book answers all the big questions you have about getting PMP certified, such as:

Do you feel stuck in your position? Do you want your salary to increase by up to 22%?

If your answer to either of these questions is yes, take the next step to getting PMP certified by purchasing PMP Exam Prep Book today! Included with every copy of our study guide is:

  • Ten practice exam questions at the end of each chapter with answers and explanations
  • A FULL 200 question practice exam with answers and explanations
  • full glossary of all tested terms
  • Access to a FREE app with online flashcards of all tested terms
  • Detailed lessons on agile techniques

How do I become a project manager? How do I get PMP certified?

We tell you what level of experience you need to get PMP certified, what you need to know for the exam, and how to prepare and what to expect on test day.

What does a project manager do? What is a project?

PMP Exam Prep Book provides real-life examples of projects and project managers’ approaches to how they chose to manage their team while planning, executing, and closing projects.

What is PMBOK methodology?

PMBOK is the complete body of knowledge a project manager needs to know to get certified by PMI, the leading organization providing PMP certification. However, most project managers looking to get certified already work in demanding industries and don’t have time to review a book that is nearly 800 pages long. That is where PMP Exam Prep Book comes in!

What are the 5 stages of project management?

Not only do you learn about the 5 stages of project management, but the structure of PMP Exam Prep Book’s chapters revolve around project management’s five major process groups:

Chapter One: Initiation

Chapter Two: Planning

Chapter Three: Executing

Chapter Four: Monitoring and Controlling

Chapter Five: Closing

What are project management’s 10 knowledge areas?

Every chapter covers vital information on project management’s ten knowledge areas: communication management, cost management, human resources management, integration management, procurement management, quality management, risk management, scope management, stakeholder management, and time management. Inputs, tools, techniques, and outputs (ITTOs) are organically written into the main text to show how they all fit together.

Please note that PMBOK® is a registered trademark of PMI. PMI does not sponsor or endorse this book.

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