Podcast Microphone Sound Card Kit, Professional Studio Condenser Mic & G3 Live Sound Mixer/Voice Changer/Audio Interface/Audio Mixer for Streaming/Gaming/Recording/Singing/Tiktok/YouTube/PC/Computer

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Product Description


audio mixeraudio mixer

Tenlamp Portable Live Sound Card Podcast Studio Mic Kit

Tenlamp Portable Live Sound Card Podcast Studio Kit is exactly what you need when you want to start your podcast, broadcast, music recording, gaming live streaming, radio shows, Twitch or YouTube streams.G3 SoundCard is a beautifully designed, feature-rich, entertaining and professional DSP digital audio sound card, which incorporates microphone interfaces, mixer, sampler, and entertaining pitch changer,It is easy to use, Plug and Play, and focus on helping providing valued and interesting content and easilly interacting with your audiencesIt offers channels of audio mixing and easy connections to microphones, smartphones, and other devices; allows the user to control the sound levels and add live vocal and sound effects through a comprehensive set of tools .It is widely applicable to the current popular professional live broadcast studios, web live streaming, home studios, K song, voice chat, and various live stream platforms, bringing perfect sound quality enjoyment to your mobile phone and computer live broadcast and singing.

G3 Tuning Master Live Sound Card

sound boardsound board

Precision Tuning

Upgraded DSP Audio Chip: Good sound comes from a good inner core, which can adjust the rhythm in time to make the audio clearer and stable, and the output sound effect is more realistic.12 Electronic Tone: Professional-grade electronic tone adjustment, choose the beloved sound for you. Short press to switch electronic tone, long press to turn off electronic tone2 large knobs & 6 push buttons: Independently adjust the volume and effects of microphone, accompaniment, treble/bass, voice changer, reverb, monitoring, recording, accompaniment balance.Dodge Button: After turning on the dodge effect, when you speak, the sound of the music will automatically decrease, highlighting your voice, and when you stop talking, the volume of the music will automatically resume.Anaphora Button: Reduce the vocals in the accompaniment by 90%, turn the song into an accompaniment, and choose your favorite accompaniment.Personality Murmur Button: Press the button to turn on the personality voice changing, the 6 personality voice changers can be switched in a loop, and the voice line of the personality voice changer can be adjusted by adjusting the changevoice push button, and you can choose your favorite soundline.Pattern Button: Cycle through 5 Live Broadcast Modes: Acoustic mode, KTV(karaoke) mode, MC mode, Sonic boom mode, Magic sound mode. Suitable for most live streaming scenes.

live sound cardlive sound card


G3 Sound Card Specifications

Material: ABS plastic, aluminum alloy Body size: 224mm*139mm*40mm Charging current: DC 5V

Built-in battery: Li-ion 1000 mAh/3.7V (3.7Wh)

THD harmonic distortion: 1%@1KHz (live broadcast)

Signal to noise ratio S/N: 102dB Frequency response: 80Hz~18KHz Product weight: 460 grams/1.01 LBS

Tenlamp L9 Microphone & G3 Audio Mixer Kit for Web Live streaming

G3 Tuning Master—Great Digital Gift for those who love live streaming.

32 mm large diaphragm microphoneMicrophone stand & microphone shock mountB-T wireless accompanimentDazzling Colorful Light Design: intelligent voice control indicator light and breathing lightLarge Knob Design & long track Push Button Design, precise volume adjustment32-Bit DSP Audio Chip & 320MHz Main FrequencyAnti-slip Finger Position & Four-Corner Arc rounded DesignSystem Compatibility: compatible with iphone/Andriod smartphone/ipad/PC/tablet/ various live Platform.

24 sound effects, 3 Voice Changer, 12 Electronic tone

5 Live Streaming/Broadcast Modes, G3 Special sound effect remote control

sound card for microphonesound card for microphone

L9 Black-Red Microphone Specifications

Product size: 153mm * 50mm * 33mmMicrophone type: condenser microphoneSensitivity: -50±2dB RL = 2.2Ω Vs =1.5V (1KHz 0dB=1V/Pa)Impedance: 2.2Ω Frequency response: 50-18000 HzPointing characteristics: Cardioid (0-180°, @250Hz-5000HZ>10dB)Allowable current: Max 0.5mAOperating voltage range: 1.0V~10VMaximum withstand sound pressure level: 110db S.P.LSignal to noise ratio: ≥58dBVoltage characteristics: 3V-1.5V Sensitivity Variation less than 3dB



sound card

sound card

audio card pc

audio card pc



Professional Noise Reduction Technology

Built-in 32-Bit DSP Noise Reduction Chip and ECHO, avoid the influence of current noise, ensure high quality sound quality and beautiful singing, Reverb (ECHO) makes your voice and singing more charming.

24 Special Funny Sound Effecets

24 Kind of sound effects : Suppersatr, Hey, Gunshot, Blow Kiss, Awkward, Laugh, Applause, Played Well and so on.Make your live streaming full of fun, control your live stream rhythm, and provide unexpected surprises for your audience.

B-T Accomaniment

Turn on the mobile phone B-T to connect the sound card (Name: G3 Soundcard), using the music player, you can freely choose the accompaniment music.

Long Working time

G3 live microphone mixer is built in 1000mA battery, low consumption, long lasting working.

podcast microphone

podcast microphone

pc sound board

pc sound board

audio interface

audio interface

v8 sound card

v8 sound card

L9 Professional Live podcast microphone

It comes with a shock mount, desktop microphone stand and filter shield;The desktop microphone stand is extendable, from 8.7 inch to 15.4 inch, to meet your daily live broadcast needs.

G3 Sound Card Audio Interface

Support two-person simultaneous live broadcast,better help you and your friends to collaborate on live broadcast and music recording.The real-time ear-back monitoring allows you to adjust the rhythm in time to sing entertainment or practice, avoiding the embarrassing experience.Computer accompaniment needs to be connected via USB power cable.

3 Voice Changer: uncle, goddess, baby

Turn your voice into Uncle Voice, Goddess Voice, Baby Voice, so that your voice is no longer limited by gender or natural gift.Three kinds of voice changer, unexpected surprises in chat, games, dubbing, and video recording.

Special Button

Dodge: When talking and not talking, the sound card can automatically adjust the volume of the background music.Anaphora: Eliminate the original singing of the accompaniment.Personality Murmur: After the button is turned on, the 6 special voice changing can be switched in a loop, and the voice changing can be fine-tuned through the voice changing push button.

All in One Kit and EASY TO USE: Combine USB sound card and audio DJ mixer equipments in one. It delivers wonderful High-fidelity sound quality and offers adjustment button to optimize vocal and sound effects. The G3 sound board comes with a studio recording microphone, [PLAY AND PLUG, No Driver Required], which allow you start podcasting or live streaming easily. Start recording when you plug into the smartphones or PC/laptop.
Bornd for Live Streaming: Tenlamp G3 live soundcard & L9 mic kit are professional live broadcast combinatio. Highlights of this set, 5 live streaming modes for you, you can change your voice to the uncle, godness, baby, also 6 special voice changing. 2 person live, 2 mic inputs, BT wireless Accompaniment input, and real-time monitoring yourself voice.
Professional Tuning Master: Built-in high-performance 32-bit DSP noise reduction audio chip, 320 MHz main frequency, 4 times the processing speed of ordinary sound cards, 2 large knobs: adjust the volume of the microphone and accompaniment, 6 long track push buttons: adjust treble/bass, voice changing, reverb, monitoring, recording, accompaniment balance, as well as B-T accompaniment, it will bring you the perfect sound quality enjoyment for your live broadcast and recording.
Multifunction Live Sound Mixer: G3 Sound Card for podcast has 5 Live Streaming Scene Modes: KTV, Popping, Magic, Origin, MC, 3 voice changer: uncle, godness, baby, 12 electronic music tones, 24 special Funny Sound Effects, special recommendation: dodge function, eliminating original singing function. 2 large knobs and 6 push buttons to help you adjust the sound and volume. Easily Start Whole New Blog Journey, Show your charm in live streaming.
Studio recording Condenser Mic: The L9 streaming microphone with stand for YouTube equipment is a multi-purpose mic with a 32mm diaphragm, for recording your signal clearly. it features a low self-noise and handles ear-shattering sound pressure levels. wide frequency response (50 to 18000 hz) captures the full audible spectrum; High sensitivity and low signal to noise ratio records every subtle nuance of your source audio; The L9 podcast mic for PC gives you smooth, natural sound quality.
Great Mixing Device Compatibility: Compatible with computer, PC, laptop, (iPad, iPhone, maybe needs the Adapter) tablets, smartphone, speaker gaming devices, Ps4, PSN, Xbox One, Xbox, Switch, IOS, Android, Windows, and electronic musical instrument.
You Will Get: 1 * G3 Live Sound Card, 1 * G3 Soundcard Special Sound Effect Remote, 1 * L9 Black-Red Condenser Microphone, 1 * 3.5mm Earphone, 1 * XLR Cable, 1 * Mic Shock Mount, 1 * Desktop Microphone stand, 1 * USB Data Cable, 3 * 3.5mm to 3.5mm Audio Cable, 1 * User Manual.

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