Radical 7Psc 32Hz 64Hz 128Hz Otto & Low Mid High OM Healing Ultimate Nervous system Healing & Pain Relieving Set Tuning Forks with Activator and Pouch

Price: ₹ 16,849.00 - ₹ 12,029.00
(as of Jun 21,2021 07:42:35 UTC – Details)

The Otto Tuners are different octaves of the note “C” in the Pythagorean Scale, also known as the Just Scale. They are the 3 octaves below middle “C” and vibrate at fewer cps (cycles per second) “C” notes of the Harmonic Spectrum Set. They resonate with the deeper tones of the Earth and can be very effective when placed on the rib heads, spine, sternum, sacrum and ilium. The sound vibrates directly into the bones to relax, align and restore “tone” to body tissues. One of the fundamental mantras used in meditation is Om. The intention of ‘om’ is to cause you to be one with all life thereby opening yourself to unlimited growth. The mantra is not beneficial due to its literal translation but instead to its vibratory frequency. The Low OM Tuning Fork is used on our body especially lower part of the body. The High OM Tuning Forks consists of 2 Tuning forks It creates energy field around our body. It is believed that “OM” is the mother of all languages. Repetition of “OM” enables us to maintain mental and emotional calmness, overcome obstacles and enable understanding. It is an everlasting, never-stopping tone. Our soul has this same frequency. Indians, in olden times, were given this tune in meditation naturally, as they opened themselves to the cosmos. These Tuning Forks give amazing results in reaching out to Universal Energies, journeying, in an energy-work session. It creates new fresh energy around us.

Includes Velvet Pouch & Mallet/Activator. Key for Weights
Prongs physically move in a bigger motion, thus when the stem end is placed on the body, you can physically feel the vibration more and also feel the vibration at a deeper level
WEIGHTED tuning forks are excellent to use individually with the stem placed on the body or by toning above & around the body

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