Revibe Connect: Vibration Reminder Wristband – Anti-Distraction, Educational Technology, Timer Tool (Connect Small, Blue)

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Product Description

Revibe Connect Logo for AmazonRevibe Connect Logo for Amazon

Revibe Connect is the best-selling vibration reminder watch for kids. The app tracks focus, attention span, fidgets, steps, calories, and more!

Revibe Connect in the classroom.Revibe Connect in the classroom.

Created by a School Psychologist & Funded In-Part by the U.S. Department of Education

Just as some people track their sleep cycles or weight to measure progress, the Revibe Connect device and connecting app track focus, attention, and exercise to measure your child’s ability to pay attention and stay on-task. This visibility enables you to better understand your child’s needs and make informed decisions about how to help them succeed.

To learn more, visit, or call 919-521-8444. We are available 8 am – 4 pm EST!

Your purchase includes:

1x Revibe Connect1x Charger1st Month of Membership*

*After the initial month, membership will auto-renew at 19.00/month or 199.00/year. The Revibe Connect is not functional without a membership.

Key Benefits

Students working in classroom

Students working in classroom

Revibe Connect in the classroom.

Revibe Connect in the classroom.

Boy working at desk with Revibe

Boy working at desk with Revibe

Keep Your Child Focused & On-Task

Vibration reminders cue the student to become self-aware and return to on-task behavior. Over time, they develop the habit of focusing on schoolwork, usually leading to improved grades.

Boost Confidence & Independence

Instead of being embarrassed by a teacher’s tap on the shoulder or frustrated by parents’ nagging, kids feel a gentle, automated vibration reminder from Revibe Connect on their wrist to discreetly remind them to get back to work.

End the Homework Battles

Revibe Connect has a psychology-based ‘Homework Mode’ that keeps students focused and working with vibration reminders for 15 minutes, then cues a 5-minute break. As kids learn to work independently, homework struggles with parents are reduced.

Clinician holding a tablet with the Revibe Connect open to the dashboard.Clinician holding a tablet with the Revibe Connect open to the dashboard.

Teacher holding a tablet with the Revibe Connect app open to a student's School Report.Teacher holding a tablet with the Revibe Connect app open to a student's School Report.

To learn more, visit



The initial month of membership included with your purchase. After the initial month, membership is auto-renewed at 19.00/month or 199.00/year. The Revibe Connect is not functional without a membership.

PROGRESS REPORTS for focus, attention span, fidgeting, and more.

CUSTOMIZED TEXT REMINDERS for specific tasks and times.

PERSONALIZED TIPS for improving focus based on user behavior.


FREE REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT of damaged devices.

DISCOUNTED REPLACEMENT of lost or stolen devices.

Popular Features

Revibe Dashboard

Revibe Dashboard

Text Reminder — Homework

Text Reminder — Homework

Personalized Insights

Personalized Insights

Daily Progress Reports

Access the Revibe Connect app to view daily progress reports and graphs showing your child’s performance over time.

Customizable Text Reminders

Use text reminders to remind your child of anything, from “write down your homework”, “take out the trash”, or just “take a deep breath”.

Personalized, Focus-Boosting Tips

Get tips to improve focus, made specifically for your child based on their behavior and progress!


Revibe with its boxRevibe with its box

Included With Purchase

1x Revibe Connect

1x Charger

30-Day Membership


U.S. domestic shipping only


Small (most popular!) fits wrists measuring 10-18 cm in circumferenceRegular fits wrists measuring 14-22 cm in circumferenceScreen size does not vary


TPU wristbandPlastic device hardwareFree from phthalates/BPA/lead/latexSplash-resistant to freshwater (should not be submerged in liquid, or come in contact with saltwater)

US DEPT. OF EDUCATION-FUNDED WEARABLE aimed at improving users’ focus and attention through vibration reminders.
GENTLE, STRATEGICALLY TIMED VIBRATIONS serve as silent reminders to stay on-task for those who need frequent redirection.
REVIBE CONNECT APP TRACKS PROGRESS with daily reports on focus, attention, steps, and more!
FIRST MONTH OF MEMBERSHIP INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE providing access to the activity tracking app and repair/replacement warranty.

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