Samsung ET-WV525BWEGUS SmartThings Wi-Fi Mesh Router, White

Price: $119.99
(as of Jun 20,2021 13:34:43 UTC – Details)

The Samsung mesh WiFi router provides whole home WiFi plus connectivity and control of all your smart devices, as it also serves as a SmartThings Hub. SmartThings Wi-Fi uses multiple access points to create a fast, secure, and stable Wi-Fi network for every inch of your home. It uses Plume’s Adaptive Home Wi-Fi technology, which quickly learns how you use your Wifi and optimizes your network with the strongest possible signal. Operating as a SmartThings Hub, it connects lights, cameras, locks, thermostats, sensors, and more, allowing you to automate and control all through the SmartThings app, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa voice commands. This mesh router covers whole homes up to 1,500 sq. feet. For expandable coverage, you can add up to 32 hubs. In contrast to traditional routers, the SmartThings Wi-Fi mesh network has the ability to use a combination of different channels and bands for each data hop, taking your connection through the fastest route while eliminating interference, congestion, and buffering. SmartThings Wi-Fi is simple to install and easy to use. Personalize who gets on your Wi-Fi network, for how long, and what they can do through its parental controls feature. Measure your network’s speed, create schedules for which devices can access the Internet and when, and much more. Plus, SmartThings Wi-Fi updates automatically. Pack Includes: DC Adapter, LAN cable, and QSG Leaflet. Product is not supported outside the U.S. and it’s not compatible with Samsung Connect Home models ET-WV520KWEGUS, ET-WV520BWEGUS, and ET-WV530BWEGUS. SmartThings app requires Android 5.0 or higher and iOS 10 or higher.

Two-In-One Smart Home Solution: Samsung ET-WV525KWEGUS performs double duty as a mesh router and SmartThings Hub, allowing you to connect and control 100+ compatible devices, including cameras, lights, speakers, doorbells, and more
Whole Home Coverage: One mesh routers provides up to 1,500 square feet of secure, stable WiFi for homes; Add up to 32 routers if additional coverage is needed; Unlike traditional routers, SmartThings Wifi uses multiple access points
Powered by Plume: SmartThings Wifi uses the Plume cloud as air traffic control, taking your WiFi through the fastest path to the clearest channel; It learns and adapts to your environment, optimizing performance for a powerful WiFi experience
One App Controls It All: See what’s connected, prioritize devices, create network access for guests, set up parental controls, set Internet usage schedules, and more, all from your smartphone
Content Restriction & Security: Content filtering allows parents to manage what types of content their kids and teens can access; Turning on Secure and Protect adds extra security, blocking malware, SPAM, phishing, and other types of cyber attacks
Simple Set Up: Download the SmartThings app and follow the easy instructions to get your new network running in minutes; It will recognize all of your devices, identify the flow of traffic, and begin optimizing immediately
Compatibility: Compatible with previous versions of SmartThings Sensors and Outlets (sold separately); Not compatible with Samsung Connect Home models ET WV520KWEGUS, ET WV520BWEGUS, and ET WV530BWEGUS

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