Shelly 1L Wireless Smart Light Controller Smart Scheduling Remote Control MQTT Enabled Device (2)

Price: $31.90
(as of Sep 19,2021 22:46:41 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Shelly 1L with compatible apps and certificationShelly 1L with compatible apps and certification

Shelly 1L can convert any existing light switch into a smart one without changing any wiring or running new cables. Its small size allows for installation in places with limited space. Control one electrical circuit up to 4.1A and 110-230V AC, as well below 20W with a bypass and no neutral.

No Neutral conductor (N) is required- whether incandescent lamps, electric heaters, LED lamps or fans, Shelly 1L is highly versatile.

Shelly 1L with feature IconsShelly 1L with feature Icons

Hands holding moduleHands holding module

Fully retrofit- no neutral required

No need to change wiring, run new cables or adapt your current installation- just put Shelly 1L behind the wall switch.

Many light switches are wired with no neutral present, which makes them difficult to automate.Shelly 1L can connect no-neutral wall switches, as well as the ones that come with live and neutral wire inside the in-wall console.

Hands holding cellphone with app on

Hands holding cellphone with app on



Family in Kitchen

Family in Kitchen

Control all the lights in your home together

Create a group of lights and control them all with just one click! Shelly 1L supports both one and two input switches, and keeps the manual click of your light switch working to suit every possible need. It can work standalone, as well as with any other Wi-Fi device in your network and is compatible with most home automation systems.

Advanced scenes activation

Shelly 1L can control any other Wi-Fi device in your home! Set custom scenarios which each Shelly device will follow when a change in state occurs. As many as 5 actions per Shelly device allow you to control up to 5 other devices at once.

Local timers and schedules

Like all Shelly products, Shelly 1L has advanced scheduling features. Set your lights to switch on/off at your preferred time, at sunrise/sunset, or when specific scenarios take place.

1L cloud app and compatibility 1L cloud app and compatibility

shelly 1l wiring diagrams and compatible protocols shelly 1l wiring diagrams and compatible protocols

RETROFIT: Shelly 1L does not require you to change any wiring or run new cables- just put it behind your existing wall switch and turn any light smart in under 10 minutes!
NO NEUTRAL REQUIRED: Power and control your lights, fan, or other appliances with only a live wire. Its small size allows for installation in limited spaces, such as wall switches.
NO HUB REQUIRED: You can control Shelly 1L directly, no hub required. It is compatible with any Wi-Fi router. Or if you prefer you can connect it to your home automation platform.
WIDE RANGE OF VOLTAGE SUPPORT: Shelly 1L supports 110-230V AC, as well as a great variety of load and light types.
HIGHLY COMPATIBLE: Compatible with Android, iOS, Amazon Alexa and other 3rd party home automation systems.

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