SolarQuest The Space-Age Real Estate Game: Deluxe Edition – Space Adventure – Family, Children, Teens, Adults – Educational – Competitive – Object: to Monopolize The Planets of Our Solar System

Price: $50.00 - $44.00
(as of Sep 21,2021 17:08:47 UTC – Details)

Fasten your seat belt, roll the dice, and begin your fantastic voyage into the far reaches of our Solar System to build your financial empire. Your mission is to build monopolies within the planet systems and complete a special assignment while avoiding bankruptcy and the many perils of space travel. The whole family will enjoy many hours of exciting space adventure on this beautiful depiction of our Solar System. SolarQuest combines strategy and luck, creating a challenging and unpredictable family game. This Kickstarter backed special edition of the classic board game SolarQuest includes enhanced graphics, the major dwarf planets, magnets on the Fuel Card and game board to hold the Fuel Stations in place, 2 levels of game play including an easy version that does not require fuel monitoring for younger players, special rules that make the planet Mars the coveted “Boardwalk” of the Solar System, and provides provisions for up to 8 players.

Magnetic Fuel Tank Monitor Card.
Magnets on the game board to hold Fuel Stations in place. The magnets have been adhered to the game board at the factory. Game is being shipped its original factory cellophane seal.
2 levels of game play. Same game play as the Mission to Mars Edition but contains 2 additional spaceships and extra money allowing for up to 8 players. The Mission to Mars Edition is a 6 player game.
“A lot more entertaining than Monopoly…” “Best board game ever.” See reviews on Amazon for the classic SolarQuest The Space-Age Real Estate Game.
NEW KICKSTARTER BACKED EDITION ! Designed by the creator of the original SolarQuest The Space-Age Real Estate Game and made possible by Kickstarter backers . If you are unfamiliar with SolarQuest, please visit the Kickstarter SolarQuest project page to view the history of the game along with an entertaining game play summary.

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