SUNTABLE – Outdoor Solar-Powered Table with Sound by JBL – 360 Degree Bluetooth Speaker, Splash-Proof, Inductive/USB Device Charging, Shaded Shelf for Device Charging

Price: $499.00
(as of Sep 20,2021 17:50:07 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Suntable logoSuntable logo

Suntable on deckSuntable on deck

Suntable poolsideSuntable poolside

Solar-powered, wireless charging table

Built-in, 360-degree Bluetooth Speakers with Sound by JBL

Suntable is a smart end table that allows you to charge your mobile devices wirelessly or by USB while your phone stores safely on the shaded shelf. Suntable not only provides a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience, but also helps the planet. Charge your devices, play music, and enjoy outdoor entertainment, all while knowing your Suntable is utilizing sustainable energy. Step Outside and Recharge with Suntable.

Suntable on deckSuntable on deck

Suntable in useSuntable in use

Are the blue button panel LEDs supposed to remain on at all times?

Yes, once Suntable is powered on and has charge, those lights will remain on. Similar to the light on a TV indicating that it is plugged into a power source, Suntable’s lights indicate that the table has power.

Can Suntable stay outside?

Yes, Suntable is splash-proof, can tolerate rainfall, and is meant to live outdoors for 3 seasons. It should be stored indoors during winter in locations that experience snow.

What devices are compatible to charge with Suntable?

You can charge any Qi-enabled device through Suntable’s inductive charging shelf, as well as through the USB port for other devices.

Can I charge both wirelessly and through the USB port at the same time?


What are the speaker specs?

The speakers are 20W, splash-proof, and include Bluetooth, JBL Connect, and an auto-off mode. Please note that the auto-off mode only pertains to speakers. The inductive charger will continue to work even if the speakers are off.

Suntable in use by poolSuntable in use by pool

SOLAR-POWERED: Equipped with tabletop solar panels and a built-in battery, Suntable can fully charge after about four hours in the sun or via an external charging port for use indoors.
SOUND BY JBL: Easily connect your personal device and listen to beautiful audio dispersion through Suntable’s built-in, 360-degree speakers with Sound by JBL.
WIRELESS & USB DEVICE CHARGING: With both cordless and USB-charging capabilities, you’ll be able to easily power any QI-compliant device with Suntable.
SHADED SHELF: Suntable features a shaded shelf to prevent your phone from overheating while it’s wirelessly charging. The shelf can be rotated for optimal shade.
NOTE: Personal devices are not included.

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