SwitchBot Smart Switch Button Pusher – No Wiring, Wireless App or Timer Control, Add SwitchBot Hub Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, HomePod and IFTTT

Price: $35.00 - $29.00
(as of Jul 23,2021 15:21:02 UTC – Details)

Product Description


SwitchBot is your simple switch to a smart home. With easy setup, we help you to create a comfortable home with innovative smart home products.

SwitchBot Bot lets you retrofit all existing appliances or light switches in your home, instead of replacing them.

Easy set up

Easy set-up and useEasy set-up and use

Tear off the 3M sticker

Install in 3 seconds.

Attach near a rocker or buttonAttach near a rocker or button

Attach near a switch or button

Just tape it next to a button or switch with no tools required.

Press the icon in the AppPress the icon in the App

Tag the icon in the App

Turn switch or button ON/OFF in the App.

The arm inside swingsThe arm inside swings

Push or pull

Push by the arm inside and pull by the Add-on.

So many things to retrofit

Place it anywhere

Place it on a coffee machine or light switch and set a schedule to automatically turn it on or off.

Stick to anything

Turn any dumb appliance smart

Works with just about any rocker switch and button of any appliance.

Stick to anything

Extended battery life

Extreme power-saving BLE technology allows 600 days of use powered by a replaceable battery.

Stick to anything

Stick to anything

Your imagination is unlimited. It’s time to Smart your applications!

Switch compatibility

Automate with Schedule

Retrofit anything

Power saving

Stick to anything


Alexa voice controlAlexa voice control

Even better with SwitchBot Hub Mini

Enjoy voice control

Just say the words. With a SwitchBot Hub Mini(sold separately), the Bots can be voice-controlled by Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and SmartThings. Enjoy the hands-free experience by saying “Alexa, turn off the light”, “Hey Google, a cup of coffee please”, or “Hey Siri, open the garage door”.

More control methods

Control remotelyControl remotely

Control via SwitchBot App

By adding the SwitchBot Hub Mini(sold separately), you can control your Bot when you 1000 miles away from home!

SwitchBot Remote (additional purchase)SwitchBot Remote (additional purchase)

SwitchBot Remote (sold separately)

No need to operate your phone & voice control, just push the SwitchBot Remote button to turn off the light.

Need SwitchBot Hub Mini(sold separately)

More fun with the SwitchBot ecosystem

For example, you can schedule a morning routine to turn on lights, TV, and your coffee maker every morning on working days. With the Scene feature*, you could set specific and unlimited timers to the Bot. (*SwitchBot Hub Plus/Mini required)

More fun with SwitchBot ecosystemMore fun with SwitchBot ecosystem

How do I know if SwitchBot works or not?

SwitchBot BotSwitchBot Bot

Space for the sticker

Space for the sticker requires more than 1cm (0.4 inches), and better to wait 24 hours after stuck.

Smart homeSmart home

When to use add-on

In the case of applying an add-on to a rocker switch, the surface should be clean, flat, and has enough room.

SwitchBot BotSwitchBot Bot

Strong for most

The Bot clicks down with a force strong for most, and still gently for not to break things.

SwitchBot BotSwitchBot Bot

Maximum swing angle

The max swing angle of SwitchBot is 135 degrees. Make sure the Bot is on a surface where the arm could reach the switch or button when pushing down.

Universal – Works well with just about any rocker switch and button of any appliance. Smart button pusher for your smart home. Supports Press mode / Switch mode. Long battery life.
Easy to set up – 5-second installation. Tape it right next to a rocker switch or button with a 3M sticker. No swapping, no tools are required. Easy App operation.
Even better with SwitchBot Hub – With SwitchBot Hub Plus/Mini (only support 2.4GHz Wi-Fi), you can control your SwitchBot remotely from anywhere and enable voice control. Works well with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and IFTTT..
Timers – Use the SwitchBot App to schedule built-in timers, run without phone or Hub. Turn lights or home appliances on/off automatically even when you’re away. Free your hands.
SwitchBot Ecosystem – Linkage with other SwitchBot products is possible. Open SwichBot devices in set Scenes via App. Supports SwitchBot API.

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