Taidacent Audio Noise Common Ground Noise Isolator 3.5mm AUX Noise Filter Isolator Car Audio Car Navigation GPS Current Sound Filtering Eliminate AUX Anti-Interference

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Product Description

Audio Common Ground Noise IsolatorAudio Common Ground Noise Isolator

The common ground isolator for audio equipment solves the noise and noise caused by the common ground caused by the common ground of the computer and the public broadcasting mixer system, the car amplifier and the external audio source equipment (car computer, GPS navigator, MP3, MP4, mobile phone, etc.) , Electricity sound. With a shell, the two ends can be fixed conveniently and quickly. Both input and output are 3.5 headphone jacks, you can customize the input and output


Compact size, easy to install.No external power supply, passive isolation, eliminate noise.Professional symmetrical design effectively reduces noise.High-quality materials and stable and reliable performance.Support plug and play, support hot plug.


Audio equipment common ground isolatorAudio equipment common ground isolator

Connection Mode

1. Customize by choosing-end as input, and-end as output, regardless of input and output

2. Both ends of the isolator are 3.5mm AUX sockets, which can be directly inserted into 3.5mm audio plugs.

Audio Noise Common Ground Noise Isolator AUX Noise Filter IsolatorAudio Noise Common Ground Noise Isolator AUX Noise Filter Isolator

What is a common land?

This product is an audio common ground isolator, which is effective for the noise caused by the common ground of the audio source and the receiving device.

To put it simply, common ground means that the grounding points of two electrical appliances are not at the same point. Due to the difference in grounding resistance, noise is transmitted into the electrical equipment through the ground wire, causing interference. Because the ground points of the two devices are different, it is possible to generate common ground noise. In the car audio, there is a kind of audio interference, like a whistle sound, the frequency of this noise will change with the engine speed.

This product can only eliminate the noise and current noise caused by the common electricity and common ground products, but cannot eliminate the noise caused by other reasons, so you need to personally confirm the source of the noise.

Determine whether the noise is caused by common ground:

1. Use the headset to connect to the car MP3 and the AUX (3.5mm interface) of the car navigation. If the sound heard from the headset is no noise at this time, you can confirm that the noise of the car equipment is caused by the common ground.

2. Use an audio cable to connect a battery-powered mobile phone or MP3 (note that mobile phones and MP3 are not connected to any power source in the car, such as a telephone set) and the AUX of the center console of the car, and play the music of the mobile phone, so there is no noise at this time , It can be confirmed that the previous noise was caused by the common ground.

3. Computer, power amplifier, audio, CD: Use passive headphones to plug in the computer to try to hear whether there is noise, use the mobile phone to plug in the power amplifier, audio to audition, if there is no noise in the separate audition, it is basically judged that it is caused by the common ground.

4. After starting the car, the installed or modified power amplifier has current noise, and some models will also have the situation that the greater the throttle, the louder the current noise, this product can solve this problem.

5. When the laptop is connected to the projector and the power amplifier is connected to the power amplifier, there will be noise. You can connect the adapter to the power supply of the notebook or use the battery. At this time, the noise disappears when the power amplifier is unplugged, or the noise disappears when the projector is unplugged. Add a common ground isolator to eliminate noise.

If noise other than the above occurs, it is not generated by multiple devices. For example, it may be caused by the power amplifier board’s own fault/noise, or the sound source signal and the connection line. At this time, the isolation board cannot be used to solve it. Noise problems, please troubleshoot by yourself, this is very important!

Please note that not all noise is common ground noise!

Please judge by yourself whether the noise source of your equipment is caused by a common ground. If you buy this product without knowing the cause of the equipment noise source, it may not have a good coupling and isolation effect.

Again, this product is mainly used for multiple devices in the vehicle, and can only solve the noise caused by common ground interference!!

2. No external power supply, passive isolation, eliminate noise.
3. Professional symmetrical design effectively reduces noise.
4. High-quality materials and stable and reliable performance.
5. Support plug and play, support hot plug.

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