The Other Man’s Son: 2021 Debut thriller from TV crime writer Steve Trafford

Price: ₹ 205.00
(as of Jun 21,2021 07:10:56 UTC – Details)

Two men lie murdered… Is someone wreaking vengeance?

Anthony Holgate, investment banker, has made a fortune in ‘derivative markets’, slicing and dicing bad debt mortgages. But he’s made enemies too, when his paper promises turned toxic and investors lost their lifelong savings in a flick of time. Six figure sums. Killing money.

DI Rydale has recently returned to the town of his childhood to take up a promotion at the local nick. Now, he stares at Holgate’s body laid out on the harbour wall alongside George Milburn, a local fisherman: One smooth faced and manicured, the other’s face leathered by sun and spray… a face you could strike a match on. Two men from different worlds, each with something to hide…

DI Rydale steers his way through the deep waters of a challenging investigation as echoes of the war in Afghanistan reverberate through a northern seaside town.

Steve Trafford is a distinguished writer of TV crime and police dramas, from the BBC’s award winning series ‘Between the Lines’ to ‘The Bill’, ‘Midsomer Murders’, ‘Wycliffe’ and many other popular TV series.

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