Wild Peak Stay Alive-1 Outdoor 4-Stage Water Filter Emergency Straw with Activated Carbon for Survival, Camping, Hiking, Climbing, Backpacking (4000 Liters)

Price: $12.99
(as of Sep 20,2021 16:27:43 UTC – Details)

Wild Peak’s Alive-1 was designed to go with you anywhere that local water may be unsafe. It is perfect for Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Natural Disasters and World Traveling. For every outdoor enthusiasts or disaster survivor, you need clean water to sustain life. The Alive-1 utilizes four stages. The first stage is the PP cotton which removes large contaminants. Next is a hollow fiber UF membrane then anti-bacterial beads and last activated carbon filters made from coconut shell. The 0.01-micron filter effectively removes 99.9999% of all bacteria, such as salmonella, cholera, E.coli and removes 99.9% of all protozoa, such as giardia and cryptosporidium. The Alive-1 can be used directly in a water source or attached to any standard soda / water bottle. The included extension tube allows you to drink water from further and inaccessible distances and depths. Whether you rely on a municipal water system, a private well or even bottled water, you can’t be sure it’s safe and free of toxins. Filtering your drinking water is crucial to safe guard your health, especially when your bottled water runs out. With the so many organic, inorganic and microbiological contaminants threatening your water source, filtering it before use makes eminent sense. If you don’t, you cannot be sure that the water you consume is safe, clean and life sustaining.

Effectively filters up to 4,000 liters (1,056 gallons)
Removes 99.9999% of all bacteria and 99.9% of all protozoa
Flow rate of .145 gallons (550ml) per minute
Easy-to-use, lightweight and compact
Use like a straw in a lake or stream or connect to a bottle
Anti-bacterial beads prevents any growth inside the straw
Shelf life of 5 years

Wild Peak Alive-1 Survival Straw
Wild Peak Tourniquet / Extension Tube
Wild Peak Removable Lanyard


Wild Peak Survival straws are a perfect aid for emergency situations. It’s necessary when camping, hiking, mountain climbing, hunting, trekking, backpacking, biking, boating, car rides, outdoor trips and wilderness adventures. Your kit can never be too prepared.
Get down close to a fresh water stream or lake and use it to drink straight from the source, or attach the straw to a soda / water bottle and start drinking purified water.
0.01-Micron (minimum) carbon filter physically removes 99.9999% of all bacteria, such as salmonella, cholera and E.coli; removes 99.9% of all protozoa, such as giardia and cryptosporidium.
Effectively filters up to 4,000 liters (1,056 gallons) thru a hollow fiber UF membrane and coconut shell activated carbon. BPA free and meets all USA EPA drinking water standards.
This is outstanding and practical gift for your friends or loved ones. Get your family members and friends well-prepared before any emergencies, teach your kids survival skills, create fun and educational activities during the holiday season with our professional designed and certified survival straws.

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